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Dom Morse is an experienced educator, innovator and the 2020 Charlottesville Business Innovation Council (CBIC) Educator of the Year, the region’s largest tech industry organization.

His journey in affecting the lives of young people did not happen by chance.

Dom experienced education trauma by being neglected, forced into overcrowded classrooms and not given a choice in his learning. Eventually, he dropped out of school. Today, he is a Charlottesville High School GED graduate and progressive educator working to ensure another generation of students don’t share his learning experience.

His vision for CCS is driven by the need to build a healthy school community that prioritizes safety, food access, mental health and communication between CCS and families. 

He understands the challenges students face in the classroom and the support they outside of school to succeed. He goes to class every day as the youth entrepreneurship facilitator at Murray High School and Community Charter Middle School to help students explore, solve problems and find their own voice to become the next generation of leaders.

A firm believer in public-private collaboration to meet the needs of our school communities, Dom advocates for initiatives that supplement classroom instruction and direct philanthropy towards Charlottesville City Schools.

A new approach and way of thinking is needed to solve inequities in CCS. Our students, teachers and families deserve to be fully supported.

Right now, the school district is not reaching all families because there’s a communication gap. Dom will prioritize citywide engagement that’s more frequent, transparent and accessible in multiple languages across different platforms.

We need increased participation and voice that’s representative and reflects a culturally diverse community.

This includes building a coalition to bridge the gaps between racial, economic and generational divides.

Most importantly, Dom believes every student has a voice and a choice. It’s our job to be their champion.

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