Dave Norris, Former Mayor, City of Charlottesville

I am proud to endorse Dom Morse for Charlottesville City School Board. Right now, Charlottesville needs a leader with a fresh perspective and innovative approach to create a healthier school environment for students, teachers, and families. Dom is a progressive educator and independent thinker who inspires youth inside the classroom and knows what additional supports they need to thrive outside of school. He is committed to empowering student and parent voices to advocate for the changes they want to see. I believe Dom is the best person to serve our school district and move us forward.

Willa Neal, Former CCS School Board Member (2012-2015)

Dom’s experience gives him a unique and valuable voice.  Our students and community will be fortunate to have him on the school board.

Heather Hill, City Councilor

I support Dom Morse as he will bring a unique and fresh perspective to the School Board as a former student in the CCS system and a current educator. He recognizes the necessity to provide more innovative ways to educate the youth of our community, well beyond the spaces they learn in.  And Dom is committed to building relationships that enable our school system to tap every available resource so the individual needs of every student can be met.

Nancy Deutsch, Educator and CCS Parent

As both an educator and parent of a CCS student, I am excited to support Dom Morse’s candidacy for the Charlottesville City School Board. I have known Dom as a smart, dedicated, and caring educator who is committed to bringing innovative practices into schools. He has the perfect combination of professional knowledge and personal experiences with local schools, students, and communities to bring an educated but fresh perspective on our community’s most pressing educational issues. I am excited about the future that his candidacy represents.

Shymora Cooper, CCS Parent, Community Organizer and VMDO Peer Engager

I enthusiastically support Dom for a seat on the Charlottesville City School Board as a strong new voice. I believe that he will be responsive to the particular needs of Charlottesville City residents. Dom is also committed to maintaining and improving the excellence of Charlottesville City schools to the benefit of all students in the district. I agree wholeheartedly with Dom that we need to have schools where every child can thrive – academically, socially, and emotionally.

Kristin Szakos, Former City Councilor

I wholeheartedly support Dom Morse for Charlottesville School Board. His current experience as an educator, his commitment to all the students in our schools, and his willingness to look for innovative solutions to difficult problems make him a great choice to help lead our schools into the future.

Charles Alexander (Alex-Zan), Community Leader
Phillip Jones, Burley Varsity Club 

Wes Bellamy, Former Council Member, Charlottesville City Council

James Bryant, Vice-Chair, Charlottesville School Board

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