Policy Priorities

Dom’s vision for Charlottesville City Schools is driven by the need to build a healthy school community that prioritizes safety, food access, mental health and communication between CCS, families and students. 

School Safety Plan

Safe Schools for everyone to learn and work in with supports needed for success.

  • Monitor what’s been put in place with school police officers and make changes as necessary.
  • Provide more preventative measures for student mental health such as ensuring counseling positions are permanent and increasing the amount of services available.
  • Increase funding for student interfacing positions: instructional assistant, teachers, counselors.

Food and Nutrition Plan

Food access and quality nutrition where no student goes hungry, cafeteria workers have higher salaries and we leverage community partnerships to expand urban farming education.

  • Continue collaboration between Cultivate Charlottesville, Charlottesville City School System, and the city of Charlottesville.
  • Improve salaries of cafeteria staff and the quality of food served.
  • Advocate for free lunches to continue past current COVID-19 policy cutoff.

Mental Health Services

Increase in permanent mental health services so students don’t fall through the cracks and there are preventative measures in place to ensure our children are safe.

  • Continue preventative measures taken by teachers and academic counselors.
  • Provide long-term counseling and mental health services.
  • Increase access to emergency services outside of school counseling.
  • Make partnerships with local mental health providers, like Region 10, permanent.

Teacher Support

Teacher support where educators can expect consistency as new curriculum and programs are introduced, increasing professional development and opportunities for check-ins.

  • Create consistency among new models, programs and curriculum.
  • Increase professional development opportunities and teacher check-ins.
  • Allow teachers to innovate and create change in their classrooms.
  • Focus on a student-centered approach with projects to engage students more.
  • Have an intentional focus on working with teachers when new programs and research are introduced, instead of incorporating them with no additional investment.

Citywide Engagement

Citywide engagement strategy to bridge the communication gap between families and the school system by empowering parents and students to advocate for change and listening to community needs.

  • Empower students and their families to advocate for themselves and increase participation in school board meetings.
  • Mentor families on the process for communicating with schools and the process for receiving notifications.
  • Listen more to the community, parents and students including holding regular meetings with constituents to address issues in the school system.
  • Move Charlottesville City Schools forward in a uniform way by creating plans that include input from all parties involved.

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